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* NEW LOCATION: Peace for Pets is now serving the Sacramento - Roseville Area *

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Dr. Ivey will bring the needed forms to your appointment. If you prefer to have the paperwork completed in advance, please use the form(s) below. Having paperwork completed before the visit helps you focus on your pet.

All Pets will need Both Pages of the Euthanasia Form completed.

Please click HERE to open the Euthanasia Form (2 Pages)

If your pet has bitten a person or animal within 10 days prior to euthanasia, or has been exposed to rabies within the past 6 months, please complete the Bite/Rabies Report.

Please click HERE to open the Bite/Rabies Report (1 Page)

Forms may be:

Given in person at the time of the visit,

E-mailed to: Dr.Ivey@PeaceForPets.net or

Faxed to: (510)323-0913

Please contact Dr. Ivey with any questions or special requests