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Dr. Ivey has received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. She will wear an N95 mask to additionally protect you and your family during the visit.

As the vaccine is not 100% protective, and may not in all cases prevent transmission of Coronavirus, the following guidelines are in place:

Before Your Visit

Please let Dr. Ivey know if anyone in your home

Please have the euthanasia form completed prior to your appointment. There are two versions of the form below, please use whichever format you prefer. The online version will submit automatically; the PDF version can be e-mailed to dr.ivey@peaceforpets.net.

During the Visit

There is a limit of 8 family members present during the euthanasia.

Dr. Ivey will be wearing an N95 mask during the visit. Family members who are present are not required to wear a mask.

If you are concerned about Covid-19

Please let Dr. Ivey know if someone in your home is at high risk for Coronavirus complications, or if you are otherwise worried about the possibility of Dr. Ivey bringing Covid-19 into your home. Dr. Ivey will wear an N95 mask and socially distance to the greatest extent possible. Additional Covid security is available by request. In addition to the N95 mask, additional measures include: single visit coveralls, gloves, shoe covers, and outdoor service if requested. In addition, all transport containers, including those for medications and your pet’s body, will be of plastic that is thoroughly disinfected between each use.

Saying goodbye to a loved pet is never easy, but these times are especially hard for everyone. Please let Dr. Ivey know if there is anything she can do to make your family and your pet more comfortable.

COVID-19 Information & Instructions