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* Important Updates* COVID-19: Please click HERE for coronavirus information & instructions.

A Personal Note From Dr. Ivey:

I am so very sorry to have these special requirements in place. My heartfelt wish is to provide the most loving and warm atmosphere for your family and your beloved pet. However, your safety and the safety of other families is of utmost importance during these challenging times.To help keep you and others safe during the coronavirus outbreak, please observe the following instructions. Your patience and understanding of these requirements are very much appreciated.

Saying goodbye to a loved pet is never easy, but these times are especially hard for everyone. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your family and your pet more comfortable.

Before Your Visit

1. Please let Dr. Ivey know if anyone in your home

2. Please have the euthanasia form completed prior to your appointment. There are 3 versions of the form below, please use whichever format you prefer. The online version will submit automatically; the PDF or word version must be e-mailed to dr.ivey@peaceforpets.net

3. Please select a place for the euthanasia to take place. A place outdoors in the yard or patio is required for dogs and cats. Please discuss with Dr. Ivey if outdoors is not an option.

4. To avoid handling cards or checks, please confirm your billing total with Dr. Ivey and complete payment with a credit card over the phone or with PayPal prior to your visit.    

During the Visit

1. There is a limit of 4 family members present during the euthanasia.

2. Only one family member may hold your pet during the administration of the sedative and again during the euthanasia injection. Other family members are requested to keep a 6 foot social distance during these times. There will be time for family members to be close to your pet after the medications are given, and Dr. Ivey will give you space to say goodbye.

3. Dr. Ivey will be wearing coveralls, mask and gloves during the visit. Your family is required to wear face coverings as as well.

4. If Dr. Ivey is to take your pet’s body, please limit time after the euthanasia to 30 minutes or less. Dr. Ivey will wait outside as you say your last goodbyes.

It is with deepest regret that the current public health crisis makes these changes necessary. Dr. Ivey will do everything possible to ensure your family’s safety and your pet’s comfort.

COVID-19 Information & Instructions