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Loving care of your

Pet’s body is a part of saying goodbye

There are many options when caring for a loved pet’s body.

Please ask Dr. Ivey if you have any questions or special requests.


If you would like, Dr. Ivey will take your pet with her when she leaves your home and arrange for cremation with Pets at Peace Pet Cremation Services in San Ramon. Body care is limited to pets weighing 110 pounds or less. If your pet weighs more than 110 lb, body care options are HERE

Peace for Pets is proud to partner with Pets at Peace. While we share a similar name, Pets at Peace is a separate business that provides cremation and memorial services; Peace for Pets is Dr. Ivey’s euthanasia service. Pets at Peace is family owned and operated and provides the very highest standard of aftercare service. Each body is handled with loving care and respect. Pets at Peace uses an electronic tracking system, which ensures accurate pet identification at all steps in the cremation process. Pet owners are welcome to visit Pets at Peace and see the outstanding care that they provide.

Private Cremation with the Ashes Returned

If you chose to have your pet’s body privately cremated, the cremation will be completely private; only one pet is in the cremation chamber at one time. You are guaranteed to receive your pet’s, and only your pet’s, ashes. The ashes are returned in an American made cedar urn with an engraved brass finish metal plate. Within 1-2 weeks, the ashes will be ready. You may have them returned to your home by UPS Overnight, or you may pick them up directly from Pets at Peace Pet Cremation Services in San Ramon.

Communal Cremation

If you do not wish to have your pet’s ashes returned, your pet will be cremated along with other loved pets. The ashes will be respectfully scattered in the beautiful Sierra Mountains.

Water Based Cremation (Aquamation) If you are concerned about the environmental footprint of cremation, a Green option is available. Pets at Peace Cremation Services offers Water Based Cremation, also known as Aquamation or Alkaline Hydrolysis. The body is placed in a heated water bath containing alkaline salts. The body tissue gently breaks down over several hours, until only the bones remain. Water-based cremation uses 90% less energy than flame-based cremation, and the cremated tissue does not release carbon into the atmosphere. As with traditional flame-based cremation, the bone ashes are collected for return to the family, or are respectfully scattered in the Sierra Mountains. Aquamation is available by request for both private and communal cremations; please let Dr. Ivey know if you prefer this option for your pet. The cost, memorial keepsakes, and urn selection are the same as with flame-based cremation.  For more information on Aquamation, please click HERE.

Special Cremation Services

Custom Urns and Keepsakes Pets at Peace offers a lovely selection of specialty urns and memorial keepsakes. Please visit http://petsatpeaceca.com/memorial-products/ to see the catalog. Custom urns and keepsakes are ordered directly from Pets at Peace. Orders should be placed on the day after your pet’s euthanasia. Please click HERE to see the price list.

Witnessed Cremation  Pets at Peace allows pet owners to be present during the cremation. This service is available by appointment and you bring your pet’s body to Pets at Peace Cremation Services in San Ramon yourself.

Metal Implant Retrieval  Please notify Dr. Ivey if your pet has metal implants (bone plates and screws) that you would like to be returned to you.

Collars, toys, blankets, and other items cannot be cremated with your pet.

Other Aftercare Options

If you chose to care for your pet’s body yourself, there are several options:

Owner Arranged Cremation You may to chose to bring your pet directly to the pet crematory. Advantages of bringing your pet to the crematory yourself may include: having more time with your pet’s body, having the opportunity to witness the cremation, same day return of ashes, being able to see custom urns on display, and cost savings. Please click HERE for a list of Bay Area Pet Crematories. You may also choose to arrange cremation with your regular veterinarian or a local animal shelter.

Cemetery Burial  You may wish for your pet to be interred at a pet cemetery.

Please Click HERE for a list of Bay Area Pet Cemeteries.

Burial at Home may be permitted in some municipalities – the pet owner is responsible for ensuring that all local regulations are followed. Please be aware that drugs used during euthanasia can be toxic to wild and domestic animals, including birds. Where home burial is legal, make sure that the grave is deep enough to cover the body with at least 3 feet of packed soil, and cover the site with stones or pavers to prevent birds and animals from contacting the body. Do not bury near utilities, wells, waterways, or areas that are prone to flooding.

Clay Paw Print

You may wish to have an imprint of your pet’s paw. Your pet’s paw is pressed into clay and inscribed with your pet’s name. These are made by and sent from Pets at Peace Pet Cremation Services, and are only available if your pet is to be cremated.

Ink Paw Prints

Your pet’s front paws are inked and pressed onto card stock paper. These are made by Pets at Peace Pet Cremation Services and are only available for pets that are to be cremated.

Lock of Hair

If you wish to have a clipping of your pet’s hair, Dr. Ivey

will clip and tie a lock of hair for you. For pets with very short coats, the hair is placed in a small glass bottle.

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